untitledThere was this painting,
Bright and radiant,
High trees with grass so green,
and beautifully laid.
The white fence was flawless,
And perfectly made.
I envisioned this constantly,
Until my vision started to fade.
My reality was not that of perfection,
There were no signs or warnings,
Over time, my dream mind lost its connection,
My life senseless and patience daunting,
Beneath me, there was nothing,
As I fell too deep in that hole,
Of desolation & sorrow ,
All that meant to me was misery,
I blamed all for what they did to me,
Yet no responsibility for me to unfold,
For the life of me, I was selfish,
Livid, bitter and cold,
Is there even a God?
I asked as I slipped into a deep sleep,
10 pills resolved the inside of my sweet cheeks,
Life was on the avenues of hell,
I wanted the easy route,
I wanted out!
Cast under this dark depression spell,
The light too far away in the distance,
And walls were closing in on my pitiful existence,
Take me out of here!
There were no hands to pull me,
No arms within my reach,
All I had was the fight in me,
And here I stand,
Loving the life that I live
Appreciating what my life has to give,
Seeing happiness through the eyes of my kids,
In love with this wonderful man,
How contrary to the past that I am.
What a wondrous feeling,
To finally be,
The person not hurting the woman I see,
You could never tell me,
How good it feels to be

© 2013 Monet Henderson